Tuesday 19 April 2016

How Important Is The Metal Recycling Industry?

As huge an industry it is in scale, its significance in environmental sustainability is 10 times bigger. Below are some insightful facts about metal recycling products that reckon its importance.
  • Almost half (40%) of crude steel manufactured comes from recycled items. Using 1000 kilos of recycled steel instead of primary iron ore, carbon emissions are decreased by two tons.
  • When you recycle aluminium it uses, 96% less energy than manufacturing the same from raw materials. 1000 kilos of aluminium recycled reduces carbon emission by 8 tons. The energy saved can be used to power a household for the entire year.
  • Used aluminium can be used again. For instance, you can recycle an aluminium container and see it back on shelf within 2 months. The energy saved in recycling can light 100 watt bulb for about 3 hours.
  • When you recycle copper, it saves 87% of energy used for primary manufacturing. 41% of global copper demand is satisfied through recycled items. Copper scrap usage reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60%.
So now do you know how beneficial metal scrap recycling is for the environment as a whole? Also, in monetary terms it is economical where huge demand of metals is met through metal scrap recycling. UAE alone recycle 5 million tonnes of scrap metal annually. From this you can estimate the importance of Metal Scrap Industry in UAE.

Image Source: http://in.niton.com

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