Tuesday 6 October 2015

How To Sell Copper scrap in Qatar?

Metal scrap recycling and selling is beneficial in two ways. One, you get good money. Second, you save environmental degradation as you know metals when thrown away degrade and pollute the soil. Therefore metal scrap recycling is a way to prevent environmental degradation. This article will tell you how to get the maximum value for your solid copper metal scrap.

Now to get the maximum value from your solid copper scrap it is important to sort different types of copper. In that process, it is important to realize the 5 different kinds of copper to get an appropriate price for each category.

The 5 different kinds of copper are as follows-

  • Copper solids- They are the most valuable type of copper. Copper solids further break down into 3 categories depending on the purity of copper element present in the object.
  • Copper non solids- These include dust and trimmings.
  • Copper wire- They are the electronic wires.
  • Copper breakage- This is a type of copper obtained from objects like motors and transformers.
  • Copper alloy- Alloys are mixed with other metals like brass and bronze.

This will ensure that you don’t stack all copper scrap as one pile thus giving you the least overall price. Every kind of copper demands a different price- an important point to note when you sell copper metal scrap.
After learning different types of copper, you will be able to get maximum value for your copper scrap. You can find copper scrap around construction sites, electronic copper scraps like wires or appliance repair shops and sell them to earn huge profit. However, while dealing with Copper Scrap in Qatar, know that scrap yards now work closely with the government to apprehend copper thieves. Take assistance of legal Scrap Metal Recycling companies like Lucky Group and verify that you can legally remove copper from any site.

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