Tuesday 18 August 2015

What Recycling Measures Malls Can Implement To Manage Waste Reduction?

Mall owners incur huge expenses. How can malls achieve large scale metal scrap recycling and earn some return on investment also preventing colossal waste generation?  We have compiled an assortment of ways a mall can achieve seamless and efficient metal recycling.

Conduct a Waste Audit

Set up a team to assess the mall’s waste stream. Conduct a waste audit. This will reveal the amount of trash being generated and what all materials form the trash. In this way you can separate the metal scraps from other types of scrap and send them for recycling. This will be your first step towards getting a significant return on your investment. For instance, you laid a metal panel framework to display your couture segment. However, it is time to dump the metal scraps after a long use and get it replaced with a new metal framework. Instead of dumping the old metal scrap, you can recycle it to redeem some of the value on your investment.

Reuse Hoardings and Banners

The mall owners should educate their employees on the benefits of reusing hoarding and banners. Instead of throwing them away, nice looking paper or cloth bags can be made using hoardings and banners. Customers can be handed these eco-friendly bags rather than plastic ones thus also contributing to environmental safety.

Promote Recycling

A mall welcomes thousands of footfalls every day. It is therefore an ideal place to also promote recycling benefits to fall upon thousand ears.

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