Tuesday 3 February 2015

Got an old car that is scrap? We’ll tell you how it can be made useful

Consider a pair of old junk car seats like these-

You can turn them into comfortable office chairs with very little effort-

Fascinating, isn’t it?

And it is easy too. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Detach the redundant car seats
2. Get enough spray adhesive
3. Get spray paints, associated hardware and a rust remover.
4. Use the spray paints to give the old car seats a fresh and sophisticated look.
5. Utilize the rust remover to make the seats rust-free.
6. Use associated hardware to convert into office chairs.

That isn’t all you can do with scrap car parts. There are lots of other things you can do with junked car scraps to get something useful and beautiful. Here are a few: 

Create vintage flower art!

This creative art can be easily made by using old car license plates and a door knob! All you need to do is assemble the junked license plates and door knob in the way shown above. Soon you will see how this adage comes live- “A car’s waste is another person’s treasure!” 

Make a work-table

We understand the pain a car owner goes through after witnessing the breakage of car’s exterior over a period of time because of rusting. However, as you find treasures from a sinking ship, here too lies a treasure! Above is a brilliant example of how you can convert old car parts into gorgeous new furniture. All you need to do is get old rusted car doors like above. Assemble the door with a few wooden strands as shown above and you have a sturdy table ready to use! 

Or an artsy industrial vase

You’ve recycled the seats. And the license plates. And the rusted door. What else is left to recycle?

All the tiny metal bits and ends that hold the cars together. Weld them together to create an industrial-style vase. Or use them to make a striking showpiece or a vintage holder!

Head-lamps can be useful too

We personally love this marvelous table lamp assembled using an upcycled car headlight. You can see, the rouge retro headlight consists of dings and scratches thus showing how beautifully it has aged. Although it is worn out, it gives the lamp a vintage feel. To create this at home, assemble an old car headlight with a stand and a switch and a pivoting mechanism.

These old reclaimed car parts will lend a neat, industrial look to your home’s décor.

Or if you are not into DIY, you can consider recycling your car by selling it at the scrap yard. Car parts are mostly steel which is the most common metal and hence does not fetch much at the scrap yard. But you can get a good price for your scrap if you call up scrap yards in your area beforehand to enquire about their prices. In our experience, scrap yards pay more when you sell scrap in bulk.

At Lucky Group we actively encourage metal recycling and upcycling in Dubai.

Image source: http://dornob.com/; https://www.etsy.com

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