Thursday 12 February 2015

Getting Rid Of Your Bicycle? Not Before You Remove The Chain!

Bicycles can be more than mere eco-friendly vehicles for transportation. Many see bicycles as the source of morphine-like adrenaline rush. While others feel the pain after riding it. In any case, a bicycle does have a significant share in the lives of many.

Did you know that bicycle chains can be used to prepare exquisite useful items?

If not then read on to see how bicycle chains can be upcycled into creative and useful items.

How about a bicycle chain bracelet?

It may not look stylish enough but definitely vintage. The bracelet goes amazingly well with a pair of denims and a cool casual t-shirt. And if you’re a tough biker this would suit the ride!

Believe it or not. This is made from an old bicycle chain. With a little polishing, the crass bicycle chain can be made into a beautiful chain like above. Talking about jewellery we’ve got more-

These are a beautiful pair of earrings which are created using old bicycle chains. You’ll be glad to have them as they are equally pretty as any expensive pair. On top of that, they are quirky and inexpensive!

Love wines? Then you’ll love this-

Tidy-up your home d├ęcor with a creative touch:

Never thought photo frames can look so beautiful with conspicuous borders, thanks to the bicycle chains-

Last but not the least what a great way to candle-up any event!

We, at Lucky group encourage metal scrap cycling. So instead of dumping the bike you can have us get it recycled or upcycled!

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