Tuesday 10 December 2013

Top 10 Waste Management Tips

Every year, a lot of waste is produced by each household. Dubai really needs to control the amount of waste generated on a regular basis. While it is not a rocket science, here are a few tips that can be used to control high levels of wastage:

1. Buy goods that are recyclable and also have recyclable packaging.

2. Go for eco-friendly goods so that even when they are dumped, they do not harm the environment in any form.

3. Reduce the usage of materials like plastics; they cannot be recycled easily. Switch to paper products instead.

4. Use recycled paper; it saves a lot of trees, thus benefitting the environment.
Top Ten Waste Management Tips
5. Reuse as much as you can. Paper envelopes, cloth bags, plastics can be used over and over for different purposes.

6. Do not dispose things wrongly. Make sure you segregate your waste. This will help the garbage collectors a great deal.

7. Sort your waste before you finally throw it. Collect items like paper products, glass materials, metals, etc. Separately and dump them at a collection centre; the concerned or responsible recycling company will collect it from there and recycle this waste.

8. Make manure or compost out of the wet waste that you collect. This will be a great natural fertilizer to your plants in the garden.

9. Do not simply throw away things if you are renovating or shifting. Instead of throwing away your old books or clothes, help the needy and donate them to NGOs or schools.

10. Do not buy what you won’t be using. If you limit your purchases, you’d definitely limit your wastages.

Waste management is something that everyone needs to consider pretty seriously, and it needs to be implemented on a large scale in order to benefit our planet.

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