Thursday 26 December 2013

Importance of Environment Recycling

Because of the spreading awareness and so many campaigns to make us aware of the benefits and the need for recycling, people are actually taking this option very seriously. Recycling is one process that needs to be done constantly. Well, recycling can be started anywhere, be it your house or your work place.

Here are a few tips to recycle at your office:

 - Know what can you recycle:

Firstly, there is a lot of paper that is used in all offices. There are a lot of junk mails that you receive. You can sort all your junk mail and put it up for recycling instead of simply throwing it in the trash. Office paper, the white high grade one, mixed papers like newsletters, leaflets, newspapers, envelopes, pamphlets can also be recycled. Books, brochures, magazines and booklets are also ideal to be put through this procedure. Apart from the paper waste, there are many plastic and glass materials and things that can be recycled instead of being disposed off. Also, your office might be using a lot of printer cartridges, plastic bottles, electrical equipments which need not be merely thrown away. There are a lot of metal products like office stationeries, food tins, drinking cans, etc. That can be sent to the recycling centres for scrap metal recycling.

 - Why to Recycle?

Well, it is an easy task. Moreover, it saves a lot of space which can be constructively used. Also, a lot of clutter is significantly reduced. Apart from this, it gives a good feeling to be working towards the betterment of the environment.

Recycling is a very cost effective procedure. Selling of scrap metal can earn your business some extra income. Also, it is a noble way to protect the environment. So, start making your employees aware about this process and begin recycling at your work place today.

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