Sunday 21 October 2012

The Big Picture on the Metal Scrap Industry

At Lucky Group, we take great pride in our highly skilled team of analytics and the years of experience that powers us. For it are strengths such as these that have contributed significantly to our positioning as a trusted entity among the metal scrap companies in Dubai.

Given the fluctuating nature of scrap metal prices, it becomes imperative for trading companies in Dubai and other business centers to get their sourcing right. One of the more recent trends observed among Customers and other industry players alike has been the buzz around ‘Commodities’ – a buzz that is only going to grow louder as more and more markets open up to this form of trade. Keeping a close vigil on the various developments in the scrap metals scene around the globe often places us in a unique position, in which it offers us a birds eye view of the ‘bigger picture’.

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In the current-day scenario, it is the developing economies that are fuelling the demand. Nations like India, China and Brazil are on a rapid expansion phase and subsequently, the demand for ferrous and non-ferrous metals is quite high. Given the various limitations surrounding the mining and processing of fresh ore, it is only natural that the scrap metals industry is rising up to meet this challenge.

As the perennial battle between demand and supply for raw materials rages on, scrap metals markets like Doha, Dubai and Qatar in the Middle East region and the others around the world are sure to feel the effects of these developments. Given the players involved, we opine that the traditional push-pull sequence is going to play out a little differently this time around. Lycky group of recycling company dubai, dubai scrap yards, dubai scrap metal dubaiWe’ll keep bringing you the latest insights and updates on the developments in the industry as they occur. So keep watching this space for more…

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