Wednesday 17 October 2012

Benefits of Copper Recycling

Copper can be safely called as one of the most beneficial products known to mankind. Its ductile and malleable properties make copper extremely versatile by nature. Copper has in-fact existed in different walks of human life since it was first discovered. Even to-date, copper remains in huge demand the world over.

Having been in use for tens of thousands of years, copper continues to reign supreme amongst those metals that are preferred for human use. Only about one-tenth of the total copper has been mined so far. Traditionally though, it has been aluminium that ranked high on the reusability scales. This perception is fast changing as over three-fourths of the total copper ever mined continues to be in service even today! Copper recycling is a well organized industry, in regions such as Europe, the United States and Middle East.

A well developed network of scrap metal companies that deal in the recycling of copper and other materials has mushroomed around the globe. Each one of these companies plays their role in reducing the amount of wastage of copper. They find and promote newer and newer ways to reuse copper and its derivatives. And they actively help recycle the copper post extraction from pre-existing products that have reached the end of their life-cycle.

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Leading dealers of copper scrap in Dubai and elsewhere, continue to eulogize the virtues of recycling this metal:

  • The mining and refining of copper and other ores does have a significant impact on the environment. Though ore extractors and mining corporations keep researching on newer ways to lower this impact, it is still quite substantial. On the other hand, the scrap traders help lower this impact as the recycling process causes considerably lesser harm.

  • Landfills around the world face an insurmountable task of swallowing up the discarded by-products of human consumption. Mining and refining waste can and does contribute its share to the landfills. As landfill sites continue to become scarcer, the recycling of copper actually leads to lower costs

  • Copper extraction and mining is an energy intensive activity. In-comparison, the recycling of copper uses only a tenth of the total energy used during mining. Thus, recycling offers an unbeatable cost advantage

  • Although only a relatively smaller amount of the total copper reserves have been mined, the fact still remains that copper, like other resources is finite in its quantity. Recycling therefore helps to prolong the life-span and utility value in such a way that it can be of help for many more generations to come

  • Recycled copper costs about nine times lower than mined copper. This makes it extremely lucrative for the industry as demand for copper continues to be high.

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At the end, getting the most out of life is what matters and the recycling of copper creates newer opportunities for mankind to enjoy its existence in newer, better ways

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