Monday 27 September 2021

What are the most recycled metals? - Metals ranked by their scrap value.

 The demand and use of recycled metal have increased across industries of all sizes. There are several metals that are valued high in the recycling and scrap metals trading industry of Dubai. Some of these metals are: (


1. Aluminum:  Aluminum is one of the most widely traded scrap metals in Dubai and across the world. There are different sources of aluminum scrap such as drinking cans, kitchenware, household items, electronic devices, and car frames, etc. Recycled aluminum is used for diverse purposes like construction, the building of airplanes, utensils, vehicles, and many more of the like.


2. Copper: Copper is the most common metal present in most of the items in a household. Copper scrap is highly valued by metal recycling companies in Dubai for its quality and industrial demand. Copper wires, pipes, and plumbing, appliances are the most common sources of copper metal in households. 


3. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel scrap in Dubai has a high market value for its versatile use and strength. Stainless steel is composed of other metals such nickel, iron, molybdenum, and chromium which further increases the market demand for stainless steel scrap. Stainless steel comes in a wide range of grades with varying quantities of nickel and each grade is valued differently. (

Stainless steel has a very high tensile strength and can be easily recycled for use in the automobile industry, building construction, bridge construction, housewares, and electronic devices.

Scrap Metal Recycling
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4. Brass: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It is known for its strength, hardness, machinability, and capability of being an efficient use. Bacteria cannot breed on brass surfaces, making it an ideal metal for medical equipment. (

Brass can be found in decorative items, musical instruments, ammunition, taps, and mechanical tools. The unique properties of brass make it a desirable recycled metal.

Recycling metal is not only environmentally friendly but also more economically viable. Lucky Group of companies is one of the most prominent names of recycling companies in the UAE. Lucky Recycling uses the most advanced techniques to recycle the metal and transform the scrap into a highly sought recycled version without compromising with its quality.

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