Thursday 14 March 2019

Aluminium Recycling

The act of recycling metals has been in practice for a very long time as aluminium can be reprocessed and reformed an endless number of times without affecting its quality.

Recycling aluminium takes just 5% of energy and all of its properties remain as good as new which add to its demand in the scrap industry. The metal can be used in the manufacturing of various products e.g. cars, aeroplanes, window frames, food packaging and many more.

There are five stages involved in the process of recycling aluminium:

1. Collecting:

 Aluminium waste material in the form of aerosols, drink cans and foil trays can be collected from houses or waste banks where they are mixed with other food and drink packaging. Some waste management councils also collect aluminium waste like foils and cans separately.

2. Sorting: 

After collection, the recyclable metals are taken to local waste transfer stations where, with the use of magnets, they are sorted into groups of steel and aluminium items that arecompressed into bales.

3. Reprocess:

 After the metals are compressed into bales they are taken to a reprocessing plant where they undergo the stages of shredding, decoating, melting and casting. In the last stage the molten metal is cast into huge ingots.

4. Rolling:

 The ingots are sent to rolling mill that is then rolled out to create sheet aluminium which can then be used to make new packaging.

5. Conversion:

 The aluminium sheets are then fit to undergo conversion to produce a variety of packaging items.

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