Friday 15 February 2019

Recyclable Metals in Jewellery

The fashion space keeps introducing new designs and existing metals are used to make jewellery pieces according to latest trends. While some metals are referred to as scrap when they are worn and outdated, it is quite easy to recycle them to get new designs.

These are the metals you can recycle as jewellery:

1. Copper: 

Copper wire, mixed copper and copper tubing can be recycled to produce new jewellery pieces.

2. Bronze:

Bronze is a common scrap metal found in a variety of industries that can be recycled once it is worn out. The use of bronze fixtures has increased tremendously and it is being used on a large scale in the jewellery industry too to create fashionable pieces at lower costs.

3. Stainless Steel: 

The stainless steel industry knows how important and beneficial it is for our environment to recycle the metal. The metal is found in various items we use on a daily basis and can be recycled to be used as jewellery.

4. Silver: 

Often found in electronic waste, coins, and old jewellery, silver is commonly recycled to get new jewellery pieces. It is a durable and highly valued metal in the jewellery industry which can be recycled to produce new pieces from time to time.

5. Gold: 

Known as the most valued metal, gold is often recycled to keep up with its high demand in the jewelry industry. 

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