Monday 21 May 2018

Recycling at Home Simplified

Recycling metal at home can be a challenging task if you are not familiar with the different metals found in your household objects. Read on to find out which common metal items in your home have value for recycling.

Copper is commonly used to make wires,  coins, radiators and pipes. It is darkOrange in colour, and bright if it is new, unused or protected from the open weather conditions but may appear slightly dull  if it is worn out.

Aluminium, sometimes painted in White or Grey , is what your beverage cans and cooking articles  like baking foil and pie tins are made of. Aluminium is easy to bend and is used in making everyday items like mirrors, flat screen TVs and coffee machines.

Brass has a golden yellow sheen. It is used to make keys, door handles, locks, fixtures for lights and bathrooms.

Steel is the most commonly used metal. It is easy to spot because it gets attracted to magnets and is also prone to rust. Construction rods and  are made of steel, whereas kitchen utensils and cutleries are made of stainless steel, which is a mixture of steel with other metals like nickel, chrome, carbon, , silicon, etc.

Of the above-mentioned metals; copper, brass and aluminium have high value in a scrap yard and stainless steel is valued more than pure steel based on its chemical compistions. There are several metal companies in UAE that will pay you for  metal recyclables.

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