Saturday 25 February 2017

Recycle Your Scrap Metals with Lucky Group – Efficient & Profitable

Lucky Group has been in the metal recycling business for more than four decades. It continues to provide the best metal recycling solutions. Suppliers get the best rates for their  scrap metals. Moreover, Lucky Group continues to progress and provide environmental sustainable recycling solutions in Dubai.

Get best value deal

Individuals and industries trust Lucky Group for the best value in return for recycling their scrap metals in Dubai. For your convenience, our locally and family-owned business also processes and trades the metals.

Enjoy customised solutions 

Whether your metal recycling needs is a one-time cleanout or a continuous process, expect us to give you the best monetary value for your scrap metals.

Become a part of the go green generation 

Non-biodegradable metals like copper when dumped in land-fills affect the land’s fertility and its surrounding environment negatively. You can choose to go green and recycle your scrap in an eco-friendly way. Moreover, also get best rates for your scrap.

Your trust is never compromised 

Our experienced professionals will develop an efficient plan that suits your metal scrap recycling needs.

For individual as well as commercial needs, our expert consultants are ready to meet and assist you in determining the suitable course of action based on your consumption and production schedule.

Contact us now for the best rates in the industry.

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