Thursday 19 January 2017

Tricks Of The Scrapping Trade

To get a good deal from your metal scrap recycling centre, it important to keep up with market news, price changes, and other things that can affect your profits at the scrap centre. However, it is also important to know and remember the tricks of this trade that can help you earn more and master the trade. Read on to discover some.

Magnetic test

This is fundamental. It is one of the most important tests you should do using a magnet. A magnet helps you sort ferrous metals from the non-ferrous ones. If a metal sticks to the magnet, know that it is a ferrous type such as iron and steel. If the metal does not stick, it is a non-ferrous type like copper and brass.

Insight- Non-ferrous metals are worth more cash than ferrous metals.

Metal file test | Scrap metals Doha

Whenever you find it difficult to identify the type of the metal, use a metal file. Use it to file down coated items like wires to determine the metal type. It is very useful to determine things that contain copper and brass. For instance, you will find some pipes tarnished or stained. In such cases, use a metal file and you will be able to see the true color of the metal. For example, reddish color represents copper and yellow represents brass. Similarly use a metal file to decode the materials of different types of wire. For example, silver represents aluminum, while a reddish hue represents copper.

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