Monday 18 January 2016

Scrapping Cans To The Scrap Yard

Canisters are really difficult to wave off. You need to know some tips on how to prepare the food and drink canisters for the scrap yard.

Organizing canisters for the scrap dump 
  • Rinse the cans thoroughly. The scrap yards wouldn’t want food particles to be see over the metal you are selling.
  • Crushing the cans have become a common behaviour with people. When your done gorging that delicious tuna or sipping the juice, you are most likely to crush the can. Try not crushing them if you are going to take them to the scrap dump. It is because the scrap yards would like to see the cans empty as they are with no litter inside the cans. 
  • Categorize the canisters. Start with sorting steel canisters vis a vis aluminium. You can use a magnet to separate aluminium from steel. 

Collecting canisters

Collecting canisters is an activity to be executed with care. When you collect cans remember to ensure yourself you know the place thoroughly before collecting the cans. So if you want to collect cans or other scrap metal from a commercial or residential area, be sure to take permission from the concerned authorities and staff. It is important to know that intruding in an area to even collect metal scrap is prohibited.


Some scrap dumps may not accept your food canisters as they may have certain limitations. The scrap yard may require the food canisters to be washed properly and or disavow them due to being crushed even slightly. Hence, ensure you follow the above tips to have the scrap yard accept your Aluminium Scrap in Qatar.

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