Monday 21 December 2015

Scrap Metal Update: Copper Prices Dwindling?

Hey Scrappers! While you’re busy sorting out scrap metal to sell it to a scrap metal recycle station, we bring an update on current copper prices. This will help you get the right value for your copper metal scrap.

 Copper price update-
Past week saw copper prices move up by a penny or two. Expert analysts’ reports that we have studied reveal copper prices in the impending months to decrease. News are around about one of the largest global copper mining company is going to lay off 85k workers. This represents 60% of their workforce. These events fabricate the global copper market’s diminishing statistics. However, that does not mean you should hold on to your scrap metal, as the prices can further reduce. Therefore, it is better to sell your meal scrap now and earn the moolah out of nothing.

 Other metal scraps price update
Steel prices seem to remain consistent. However ensure that you call up and load your scrap metal in bulk in the trucks. This is because many scrap yards are going to declare minimums for purchase. This means that a particular scrap yard will only accept your scrap metal if it weighs a minimum number as per the scrap yard’s requirements. Now this is a good news too as now you can get rid of all the useless metal scrap at once and earn significant cash in return!
Gold on the other hand has fallen below $1100 per ounce.

All these numbers clearly suggest that metal scrap prices will go down or stay at lower levels in the upcoming months.

Therefore, it is better you sell your scrap metal now and get better returns.

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