Friday 22 February 2013

Metals Recycling Conference Middle East


Metals are a precious non-renewable resource that will soon run out if continued to be exploited at the present rate. The importance of recycling metal that are part of the municipal waste stream cannot be emphasized enough. The fascinating thing about metals is that they can be recycled without losing any of its important properties. The dumping of metal also has a large impact on the environment because of the dispersal of metallic particles in the ecosystem.

The total energy and fossil fuels used to extract and process metals from mining operations are far greater than the energy and fuel needed to recycle scrap metal. They even take up valuable space in landfills unless they are recycled. It is with these alarming concerns in mind that the Lucky Group of companies is participating in the Middle East metal recycling conference.

The Metal recycling conference is a business conference serving the rapidly emerging Middle East and North African recycling market. The event is designed for scrap traders, merchants, processors, consumers and generators. It is also ideal for equipment and service suppliers of the sector.

The leading international publisher Recycling Today has partnered with Waste & Recycling Middle East to offer the Metals Recycling Conference Middle East. This two-day event will present an informative program. The speaker faculty features regional and international speakers who will provide tremendous insight on local developments in the context of global markets.
Attending this conference will provide you with an in-depth insight into the commodity markets for ferrous and nonferrous scrap materials as well as trends that will affect those markets. There will be discussions held on the quality standards and inspection requirements that impact international trade. Attendees will also have a chance to learn about the development plans for recycling within the region and about state-of-the-art processing equipment and technology. You will definitely benefit from networking opportunities that will enhance your trading opportunities.

The Middle East metals recycling conference will be held from the 5th to the 7th of March 2013 at the Hyatt Regency Dubai, UAE.

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