Thursday 17 January 2013

Never Refuse To Reduce- Benefits of Precycling

It is pretty evident that everyone has heard the phrase-“reduce, reuse and recycle”. Although recycling is considered as a good habit there is now a need to take this sense of responsibility and accountability to a new level. Precycling is a proactive approach of making wise purchasing decisions in order to reduce the amount of waste that we generate. The key component of successful precycling is finding effective ways to reduce waste. The most important part of the process is knowing how to avoid redundant waste. We can do this by simply avoiding disposable items and purchasing items with less packaging.

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This is a positive approach as it encourages people to look for ways to prevent utilizing items that will generate waste and obtain products that can be reused or recycled for better uses. This practice takes into account the total quantity of waste that a product will generate before it is purchased. Precycling can help reduce household waste from four garbage bags a week to one by reducing both the amount of trash we bring into our homes and the amount of trash we throw away. This approach to waste management not only benefits the environment but it also help in saving money.

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The following are a few easy and simple tips on how you can learn to precycle.

  • Minimal packaging: Start shopping for products that use minimal packaging. Minimal packaging means that fewer materials were created to begin with and thus less is wasted once the product is used.

  • Refillables and concentrates: Refillables and concentrates have only just begun to gain popularity as eco friendly options. These products require less packaging due to their small size therefore save both materials and energy during manufacturing. This also saves money for the manufacturing companies and they in turn pass on the savings to the purchaser.

  • Bulk Purchasing: A lot of people shop in bulk to save money but many do not even realize that its waste reducing potential. Less packaging is used for products that are sold in bulk as each product does not need to be packed individually.

  • Disposables: Although disposable products like paper napkins, plastic cups and plates are purchased for their convenience they are responsible for generating a large amount of waste. It is best to avoid such products as they ultimately end up in landfills where they take up excess space.

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To start implementing these principles in your daily lives you can begin by reducing all your unnecessary waste by making environmentally-sound and cleaver decisions at the store. Making responsible purchasing decisions can help you prevent needless waste from entering the solid waste stream.

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