Monday 26 November 2012

Advantages of Recycling Metals

Metal is one of the most useful substances known to man. It is an extremely versatile material and can be used to create many products such as automobiles, airplanes, trucks, ships, trains, and household appliances. Metals are a limited natural resource; therefore they have a high chance of being depleted in the not so distant future.

Metal scrap companies recycle a large variety of metals. The most frequently recycled of these metals are scrapped iron, steel, copper and aluminum. The two main types of metals are ferrous (metals that contain iron in them) and nonferrous (without iron). One of the most excellent attributes of metals is that they can be recycled over and over indefinitely, without losing any of its qualities.  Scrap metal is either melted down, fabricated into something new or shredded to make scrap briquettes for future use.

Metal scrap Recycling companies help ensure that this valuable resource does not run out before its time. Obviously it is more sensible to make use of available assets rather than to continually deplete our planets natural resources. The two main advantages of recycling metals are as follows:

  • Environmental benefits: Not only do recycling activities decrease the depletion of natural resources but they also keep a check on several types of pollutants that are produced due to mining activities. There are a lot of toxic gasses (green house gasses) that are emitted during mining activities and recycling helps reduce this. A huge amount of energy is also saved as recycling takes up less energy as opposed to mining and transporting virgin ore.


  • Economic Benefits: Recycling metals create a large number of job opportunities. The recycling industry provides hundreds of people with good jobs as opposed to relatively dangerous jobs like mining. Recycling also helps companies save expenditure on mining and transport of virgin ore. Scrap metal such as aluminum and copper scrap also fetch a good price in the market and therefore metal companies are doing quite well today.

Since mankind cannot decrease its dependency on metal the only other available option is to recycle scrap metal. As mentioned above, recycling activities not only have great environmental benefits but also help with economic growth and power conservation.


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