Thursday 16 February 2012

Sustainability and its Outcomes!

The word sustainability has different meanings and has been defined in a multiple number of ways according to the times that these definitions were created and the situations they were created in. Today the term sustainability refers to man’s ability to sustain himself – the ecology around him –safeguarding and preserving the ecology in the same state for the generations to come.

Pollution is man’s as well as the earth’s common enemy. After the industrial revolution, the increased pace of production; fuelled by a gradually elevating level of materialism among of the masses; led to an increased level of pollution like never before. Polar icecaps began to melt and the earth is constantly being battered even today. There is simply no way to stop people and organisations from polluting the globe. What is more confusing is that at the end of it all we all will have to face the consequences of our wrong doings together. Governments today have begun to add the environment as a part of their policies, using the environment as a two-way commodity. What you give is what you get.

The environment though, has a maximum level of tolerance beyond which it loses its ability to assimilate and regenerate. Over mining or over extraction of resources from a certain place often leads to side effects which are uncontrollable and take a long time to regenerate and recover. However with the advent of recycling, we are now able to sustain the environment by reducing the amount of waste material that results from production and use of commodities. This in a way controls the balance and sustains the environment and gives us an opportunity to give back and contribute in the process.

Hence, the recycling of materials especially metals is very beneficial and helps in the sustainability process because it helps in controlling the level of virgin metal required to satiate industries. Scrap metal recyclers play a vital role by processing the scrap metals and making them available in packages for manufacturers to utilize and reuse.

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